There are many things to do on Home Island, but probably the most relaxing thing to do is nothing sitting by the lagoon sipping coconut water while watching nature at its most magnificent.

Here are a list of things you can do:

Island Hopping – You can charter a boat to take you on an exclusive tour of the uninhabited islands. No one knows these islands like the local Malay community and if you are lucky you may even be able to relax at one of their ‘pondoks’.

Turtle Watching – With an abundant turtle population you can spot these beautiful creatures all around the lagoon feeding on sea grass. Your local guides are unbelievable with their ability to spot them at impossible distances. In the right season you may be lucky enough to see baby turtle hatchlings.

Manta Rays, Sharks, Dolphins and Fish Fish Fish – With so much wildlife on your doorstep you will be spoilt for choice.

Direction Island – No trip to the Cocos Islands is complete without experiencing Australia’s best beach of 2017. You can visit DI any day of the week from Oceania House with a private charter. Alternatively the public ferry is available on Thursdays and Saturdays with a fare of only $2.50 each way per person. The one way trip takes just 25 minutes from Home Island versus 1 hour from West Island.

Star Gazing – With such isolation and very little light pollution, Home Island is one of the best places on earth to watch the magnanimity of the night sky. Whether it is the beautiful full moon reflecting on the calm waters of the lagoon, or the majesty of the milky way on a moonless night you will be awestruck.

Fishing – Flyfishers have the opportunity to fish right on the doorstep of Oceania House. There are also dozens of other spots to fish around Home Island. Bone Fish are a particular favourite of the locals and they put on an excellent fight for the keen fisherman. Boat charters with experienced ocean fisherman are also available for the more adventurous sports fisherman.

Museum – The Cocos Keeling Island Museum is located just a few minutes walk from Oceania House. There you can learn about the fascinating story of the islands and view historical artefacts. It is free and open on demand during working hours but to get the best from it you are recommended to book a tour with the house manager. For those who prefer to be transported you can book our electric buggy to take you there.

Cultural Tour – A must do on your itinerary, you will learn about the history of the house and see traditional crafts such as basket weaving using palm leaves, and coconut processing. You will be able to sample coconut products and enjoy a traditional Cocos Malay lunch.

Snorkelling – The reef is just metres from the waters edge in front of the house. You can enjoy snorkelling right on your doorstep. We have full face hygienic snorkels available to hire if you need.

West Island – West island is the thriving ‘metropolis’ of the islands and is home to several popular restaurants. The Wednesday night late ferry will give you the opportunity to sample the restaurants including the famous buffet dinner at Tropika operated by the Cocos Cooperative. Or sample Saltmakers By The Sea where Tony Lacy will delight you with his culinary specials and his pizzas. During the day there are multiple ferry journeys and with tickets at only $2.50 each way it’s a cheap day out. Please note car hire is essential on West Island to get around. Your house house manager can arrange this but advance bookings are essential.

Motorised Canoe Tour – Kylie and Ash organise the fun and popular inter island tour on their relaxing low speed motorised canoes. Advanced booking is essential as these tours get booked well in advance.

Diving – There is only one diving instructor on the islands and Dieter will not disappoint. Immensely popular therefore bookings are also essential.

Your house manager will ensure your itinerary is appropriate and your experience exceptional.

Hear what one of the locals has to say:

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