Is OH Right For You?

We have produced this quick guide for you to decide if Oceania House is suitable accommodation for you.

Escapist / Seclusion seeker?
Yes definitely. With the pristine isolation of the islands, empty beaches to yourself and stunning seascape all around you.

Party animal?
No. While there are lots of fun things to do those who love a loud and busy night life should consider something somewhere else.

Yes. Honeymooners looking for something totally different and off the beaten track. Make amazing memories to last a lifetime.

Luxury seeker?
No, if luxury is defined as flamboyant and over top structures and facilities. We do however have a beautiful ornate historic house that is totally unique.

History lover?
Yes. The islands and the house have a rich history with connections to the British Empire, both world wars, battles, Australia, South East Asia and Africa. The story of the ruling Clunies-Ross family is also intriguing.

Gadget addict?
No. While we provide WiFi in the house the islands don’t have mobile phone coverage. If you want to be constantly connected, the Cocos Keeling Islands are probably not for you.

Active lifestyle?
Yes. There are so many things to do on the island for those who love water sports.

Mobility issues?
No. We don’t have a lift and the bedrooms are accessible only via an ornate staircase.

Yes. You will love the unique flavours of the Cocos Malay community.

Fussy eater?
Yes and No. There is a variety of food available on the islands however if you are a picky eater, you should consider bringing your own food . We have kitchen facilities accessible to all guests.

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